Mo. Sunshine Law Document Unveils More Sheriff Dixon Reports

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OSAGE COUNTY - A Missouri open records request led to more documentation of incidents involving Osage County Sheriff Michael Dixon.

KOMU 8 News requested documents about the investigation when it was still in the hands of Maries County Sheriff Chris Heitman. Sheriff Heitman eventually turned the investigation over to the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Sheriff Heitman released a 20 page statement from the alleged victim, Courtney Mahaney, along with supplemental reports detailing incidents involving Dixon.

In one report, Sheriff Heitman wrote about Mahaney's fiance, Nathan Able, "Additionally, Mr. Able stated that he witnessed Dixon take a handful of unknown pills, he was stumbling around and slurring his words." Heitman also wrote, "Mr. Able stated that he did not feel safe with Dixon's driving and demanded to be taken home before Dixon hurt someone."

Another report by Sheriff Heitman said, "On June 28, Courtney Mahaney advised me that Sheriff Michael Dixon had allegedly made an inappropriate photo of her and sent it out to her co-workers."

KOMU 8 News spoke to Dixon on the phone Thursday. He said all media is being directed to his attorney, upon attorney Travis Noble's request.

"Sheriff Dixon has assured me that these allegations are false," said attorney Travis Noble. "He is challenging these charges and we believe that he will prevail. At this time he is not going to do anything different than he is already doing and thats providing citizens of Osage County with quality law enforcement," said Noble. "If every police officer or law enforcement officer were required to step down, or change their practice because someone made an allegation, we would have no police on the streets in this country."

 Noble believes the allegations have a lot to do with politics.

"My position is none of that's true," said Noble "There are motivations at work here behind the scenes that I believe have political undertones or people involved."

Sheriff Dixon will appear in court for an arraignment on October 17. The Missouri Supreme Court has named St. Louis County Circuit Judge Richard C. Bresnahan as a special judge in the case.