MO voter registration ends Wednesday

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JEFFERSON CITY - The deadline for voter registration in Missouri is Wednesday. 

Potential voters in Missouri can register to vote online, in person or through the mail. Through the Secretary of State's website, a form can be mailed in or submitted online.

Forms can also be submitted or mailed to local clerks office, a courthouse or government building.  The forms must be submitted by 5p.m. on Wednesday to be expected. If the forms are sent in they must be postmarked by Wednesday to be accepted. 

Secretary of State, Jay Ashcroft said that postcards were sent to homes the government believes have unregistered voters. Ashcroft said they did this to stress the importance of having citizens register to vote for every election.

"I sometimes worry that some people focus so much on certain elections that they forget that every election is important," said Ashcroft. "It’s your school board, it’s your local county officials that may affect your life even more."

Ashcroft also said that citizens shouldn't worry about the security of the polls. 

"Our elections are secure," Ashcroft said. "Your vote will count and you will help make a difference."

Boone County Clerk's Office said that the deadline for address changes for registered voters is later this month. 

To find your local polling place visit the Secretary of State's website.