Mo. Woman Compensated After Long Battle with Phone Company

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CENTRALIA - A Centralia woman said she has been compensated for overdraft fees, after a month-long battle with her phone company. Denise Guay said she received $177 from U.S. Cellular Monday. Guay said she blamed multiple mistakes by the company for leaving her without money for food.

Guay said her problems started when her bank account was debited in error in April for a payment due on her daughter's account. Then just two months later, she said, she was debited twice for a bill on her own account. As a result, Guay said, the bank charged her for multiple overdrafts.

Guay said U.S. Cellular debited $154.00 out of her checking account on April 12 without crediting her, then made another withdrawal April 17, when the company should have been debiting her daughter's account.

Then on June 24, Guay said, U.S. Cellular debited her account twice for the same payment. Guay said she made the payment by phone but the company told her it could not give her a confirmation number at the time.

Guay said she called U.S. Cellular multiple times but never got a full explanation. She said the company agreed to cover the overdraft fees, but waited nearly a month to do so.

Guay called KOMU 8 NEWS about the problem. She said U.S. Cellular told her it was contacting her Monday because it had received a call from a reporter.

The overdraft fees left her with a negative balance, Guay said. With no money for expenses, she said she had to have her mother wire funds into her account to pay for groceries.

Guay said U.S. Cellular should apologize. "You can play a joke on me, tease me, but do not fool with my money."