MO-X Shuttles Return to St. Louis

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COLUMBIA - MO-X shuttle buses are completely back on schedule Monday, after dealing with a bevy of cancellations and modifications due to last weekend's tornado. After talking to customers on the phone all weekend, MO-X says they have accommodated all the travelers whose plans changed.

UPDATE: A representative from Lambert says that Monday's flight capacity was at 86.93% but as of Tuesday, the flight schedule is at 100%.

Patrick Talbott, General Manager of MO-X, says he canceled shuttles to St. Louis on Saturday while the airport was closed. Since then, MO-X has had to upgrade to larger buses in order to accommodate more passengers than anticipated. They also accommodated passengers who rerouted to Kansas City for free. Talbott says that the van, pictured to the left, was totaled and is out of service.

"People have been asking about it all day," Talbott said. "It bounced around a little bit before it went on the side of the parking wall."

Barbara Jones of Columbia has ridden with MO-X many times before. She says MO-X called her over the weekend to put her on a different shuttle to St. Louis. She says she thinks MO-X has handled this situation well.

"They took the time to tell me about what's going on at the St. Louis Airport and what the conditions are," Jones said.

Natashia Mackey, an employee of Columbia's Greyhound Bus station said that she saw no extra activity on the buses during the weekend. She said the airport route, which requires a transfer in St. Louis, was just as busy as it usually is.