MO-X Van Goes Airborne

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COLUMBIA - MO-X is still without one of their shuttle vans after an EF-4 tornado ravaged the Lambert International Airport in St. Louis shortly after 8 p.m. Friday evening.  Powerful winds in excess of 160 mph damaged airport windows, cars and even lifted a MO-X shuttle van and dropped it 40 feet away from where it was parked.  The van landed on the edge of a parking ramp with part of the vehicle dangling about 25 feet in the air.

MO-X owner Brent Moore is waiting to assess the damage done to the van once it returns to Columbia.  He says all of the van's windows are blown out.

"I'm not excited to see it," Moore says.  But, when it's teetered on the side of a parking garage, you know, 25 feet in the air, and the force picks up an 8,000-pound van and sets it on a four-foot wall, it's pretty amazing to me."

Moore says no one was in or near the van at the time the tornado hit.

On Saturday, MO-X only shuttled people to and from the Kansas City airport.  MO-X employees say some travelers who had flights through St. Louis over the weekend are now being routed to Kansas City.  Right now, MO-X plans to resume its shuttle service to the St. Louis airport sometime Sunday.

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