Moberly approves $4.6 million bid for new water meters

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MOBERLY – Moberly City Council approved a $4.6 million bid to replace all of the water meters in the city.

The funding comes from a lease-purchase agreement that the city will repay over the next 10 years.

Mary West-Calcagno is the public utilities director for Moberly.

“By replacing the meters and the reading system and our billing software, we expect to recover a significant amount of revenue,” West-Calcagno said.

They will be updating all of the hardware and software associated with the water meters.

The project also includes updates to the wastewater treatment plant. A new resonance frequency drive will be added to the water pump to reduce wasted energy.

The city will inform homeowners when their neighborhoods will be impacted.

“Each meter replacement should take about 15 minutes for residential and a little bit longer for commercial lines,” West-Calcagno said.

Officials tested the older water meters and found they were not accurate. The last time the water meters were updated was in 2007 when there was a complete overhaul of all the meters.

The city’s current system is severely outdated, and the transponders to read the meters are not manufactured anymore, West-Calcagno said. 

The billing software is expected to be the last step in the project.

The project will start in the spring and take up to next fall to complete.