Moberly City Council to Vote on 911 Center Upgrade

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MOBERLY - The Moberly Police Department will try Monday night to get the city council's approval to upgrade its facilities. The department wants to purchase new equipment for the police call center. Moberly Chief of Police Russell Tarr said the upgrade will help the department keep up with the times. Tarr said the equipment the department wants to buy is a next generation, or 'NG' system. The equipment will be able to download texts and information from the Internet and will be able to download new features as they become available. 

The project will cost an estimated $190,168.00. That money will come from a fund that is reserved for the police department. 

"There's a fund that the city collects and has been collecting for some time," Tarr said. 

Tarr said the project is necessary because of broken equipment and it will make future upgrades easier. 

"We're at the point now where some of our equipment is breaking down...this is the opportune time to purchase new equipment," Tarr said. 

The Moberly City Council will vote on the project at its meeting at 7:00 Monday night.