Moberly Correctional Center pilots program for jailed veterans

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MOBERLY - Moberly Correctional Center is celebrating its jailed veterans Wednesday afternoon. The center is home to a veterans dorm project that houses incarcerated veterans in a single platoon.

Program staff at the Moberly jail said they hope the program encourages structure and social benefits for the veterans involved.

MCC currently houses 48 veterans in the dorm unit. The inmates encouraged to go to group therapy sessions.

Many military veterans suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and one PTSD expert says sometimes behaviors resulting from that diagnosis can lead to trouble.

"Some veterans with post traumatic stress disorder also have substance abuse disorders. Those can lead to lead to substance related condition arrests," said psychiatrist, Dr. Grant O'Neal.

Staff said the program has been successful. MCC Warden, Dean Minor, confirmed the program will be recreated at jails in Algoa, Potosi and Boonville.

The jail's Veterans Day event not only celebrates the national holiday, but the progress of the program and the inmates involved as well.