Moberly Has Cheapest Market for Family Homes in Missouri

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MOBERLY - Moberly, Missouri was named the 8th cheapest market for family homes in the nation by Yahoo! Homes.

For the lists' purpose, a family home is defined as a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home. 

The average price for a family home in Moberly is $99,593. The cheapest market on the list is Cleveland, Ohio. The average price there is $63,729.

Before releasing this list, Yahoo! Homes released a list of the most expensive markets. Malibu, California came in first place. The average family home price there: more than $2 million.

Two other Missouri cities made the list for cheapest markets. Kansas City was 21st, with an average price of $113,718. Aurora was 25th, with an average price of $117,013.