Moberly man arraigned

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MOBERLY - A Moberly man who was not arrested until two years after investigators first got reports he was sexually abusing children was being arraigned Wednesday morning at the Randolph County Courthouse.

Carl Sheets was arrested in October of 2017 and is facing 16 counts of sexually abusing a minor. 

Mike Fusselman, the prosecuting attorney, said the six minors mentioned in Sheets' case are very important to the trial, but he is worried about them.

"There is some research that shows not all children do well by having to testify and we do have research that shows repeated testimony is harmful to them," he said.

For these reasons, Fusselman wants to keep the children from testifying, as much as possible.

"The more a child has to revisit a tragic event the more harmful it can be," he said.

For Carl Sheets and his special public defender, Clark Jones, the plan for the arraignment is simple.

"We're going to enter a plea of not guilty as to all accounts and then we'll engage in depositions," Jones said.

Investigators say Carl Sheet's wife acted in concert with him and "aided or encouraged" him.

Angie Sheets is facing eight counts. She recently decided to wave her preliminary hearing and talk to prosecutors about possibiy testifying against Carl Sheets.

After Carl Sheets' arraignment, the defense has 10 days to file either a motion for change of judge or change of venue, depending on if they feel they need to.

Both attorneys said they are going to be using the coming weeks to prepare for a jury trial.