Moberly Police Investigating Dog Shooting

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MOBERLY - Moberly police are investigating a dog shooting that happened over the weekend.

According to a neighbor watching the dog while the owner was out of town, the shooting happened around 2 a.m. Friday morning. Other neighbors heard the shot but the one watching the dog said he was asleep when this happened.

The neighbor watching the dog said he came out of his house at 8 a.m. Friday morning to discover the dog was dead.

Moberly police confirmed the shooting and are currently investigating it.

Tony Delia, the owner of the dog, has been rescuing animals for over 35 years. He said the dog, Duchess, was very loyal and a part of the family.

"She was a great dog," Delia said. "She was a rescue, that's what all of my animals are. She was more one of a kind than anybody, not a mean bone in her body."

Delia said he will use his last encounter with her as his lasting memory.

"I'm going to remember her as what I told her that last day," Delia said. "Watch Lance's house, protect Lance and Lynn, that's how I'm going to remember."