Moberly Residents Cry Foul Over Sewer Issues

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MOBERLY - Some Moberly residents are in a stinky dispute with the City of Moberly about an on-going sewage issue that has cumulated into a health issue.

"We just thought it was a puddle that the birds played in but it got bigger and bigger and bigger," said resident Billy Pagett.

The puddle Billy is talking about is actually raw sewage overflow that is causing a dispute. Some residents contacted the city with their concerns.

"It's so bad that it is running down the street and they notice it and they're sending me letters saying I have 21 days to fix it by calling a plumber or they are shutting my water off," said Pagett. 

Some residents contacted the city with their concerns. sewage issue that has been a problem for many years. However, neither the city or the residents want to pay to fix the problem. 

"I didn't know this situation was here when I bought the house and I kinda feel like they should have told me that," said Pagett. "I don't see what separating the sewer lines is going to help other than it will pay for the city's new line to put in."

"It is under their opinion that they are not responsible because it is out in the street," said the Director of Public Utilities Keith Phipps. "Our ordinance says that a sewer service is the responsibility of the owner up to the city main, which is beyond the other side of the street."

But the groups do agree on one thing.

"My main concern is the health issue and we can't allow it to continue very long," said Phipps.

"They walk down through it and when they come home they walk through it again and they play with it," said Pagett. "They get splashed on and I have to tell them not to get in it." 

The city says if nothing gets accomplished soon, it may hire a plumber because they aren't allowed to work on private lines, or possibly shut off the residents water.