Moberly Residents Speak Up About Pedestrian Bridge

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MOBERLY - Moberly residents will see a new pedestrian bridge downtown as early as next year.

The bridge will be located on Rollins Street, east of Sturgeon Street.

The bridge is a part of the city public works' plan to incorporate more sidewalks and pedestrian avenues throughout the city. Moberly received a grant for more than $200,000 earlier this year to pay for the bridge and other pedestrian projects.

Tom Sanders of Moberly Public Works said many of the sidewalks are old and need an update and some streets don't have sidewalks.

Sanders says Rollins Street sees 8,000 to 10,000 drivers a day, making the street dangerous for pedestrians.

"This will provide a route for children walking to school," said Sanders. "It will be a great passage to the depot park area."

Business owners downtown said they were mostly happy with the addition. Catherine Prenger works downtown and likes the idea of the bridge.

"Lots of people walk along that road," said Prenger. "Like me, I walk to work everyday."

She added the bridge will help residents in wheelchairs and power chairs as well.

Although some residents close to location of the future bridge are pleased with the change, some people question the cost and location of the bridge.

On, a site for community members to comment on local issues, people questioned the cost of the bridge.

A commenter wrote, "Who would trust these people with a dime let alone this kind of money. Really Missouri, do you really have that kind of money to waste?"

Jake said, "Without a doubt, all out of town contractors will be used for this project."

The forum shows other comments from Mid-Missourians and other states.

According to Sanders, the bridge will take about 60 days to complete. He said some of Rollins Street will be closed during that time.


Moberly's pedestrian master plan:

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