Moberly Students Work Around Construction

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MOBERLY - Moberly High School is in the midst of a $16 million dollar improvment project.  Now months in the projects, teachers, administrators and students are still weathering the storm. 

Math teacher Daniel Smith said additions and renovations to Moberly High School are not very distracting to his students. While the construction is just feet away, he said students are doing a good job of staying focused.

Moberly High School Principal Aaron Vitt also said students and teachers are resilient in working through any noise. Vitt said he has only called the construction company three times, asking them to move work to another part of the building.

School district officials expect the project to be complete in fall 2013. The multi-million dollar project is funded by the city after a bond issue last year.  Parts of the building have poor ventilation and the building was its electrical capacity prior to the project.

 Moberly School District Superintendent Gena McCluskey said key features of the project include a new "cafenasium" that can double as a cafeteria and practice gym. The finished product will also have four new classrooms, a new kitchen and a new administrative area.

McCluskey said additions including an art wing and two new computer labs should be ready by December.  But right now, teachers are still having to work in makeshift classrooms, even holding class while sitting on the auditorium stage. School district officials said the changes would be a welcome solution to already full classes.