Moberly Trying to Build a Pedestrian Bridge and Trail

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MOBERLY - Moberly Public Works is trying to create a pedestrian bridge and a new trail. The bridge would be on the corner of Rollins and Sturgeon Street, right next to the railroad tracks.

The bridge would then connect to a trail next to the railroad, loop around the corner of Wightman and Sturgeon Street, and then connect to the corner of Williams and Wightman Street.

"This is one of the connecting pieces that combine our whole trail master plan to link the schools, the business districts, the parks, and have complete access throughout the community for pedestrians and bikes," Moberly Public Works Director Tom Sanders said.

The project is part of a master trail plan that began back in 2001.

The current phase costs about $330,000. Public Works already has a $240,000 Surface Transportation Grant, while the remaining $90,000 would come from the city's budget.

But there is a holdup. The bridge and the trail along the grass would be on railroad property that is owned by the federal highway department. The city has not yet agreed to a lease agreement with the federal highway department. The city either has to buy, lease, or ease the property.

KOMU spoke to Moberly residents, and the majority said they support the trail and pedestrian bridge program.

"I think it would be a great idea. It would give a family something to do with their kids, a safe place to walk. I think it would be really good for the community," Cyndi Barron said.

"I think it'd be good, good for me and my son to get out and ride our bikes, and just do things around town," Chris Barron said.

"It would keep the pedestrians and the bicycles off the street here, away from all these vehicles that drive so fast," Kendra Shimek said.

Moberly Public Works Director Tom Sanders says that he does not expect the bridge or trail to be ready until next spring.