Moberly works to fix leak in downtown water main

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MOBERLY - After four straight days with water boil advisory warnings, Moberly residents could see a solution to their water troubles. Crews located a leak in a downtown water main early Thursday and were working to learn more about it.

Crews went to six different locations around the city and valved off the water mains to try to find the leak.

City of Moberly water distribution and collection foreman Stephen Buckler was working the location of the leak on North Fifth Street.

"We're just digging down to the water main itself and then finding out if it is something that can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced, and then we will go from there," Buckler said.

He said the boil advisories were all for precautionary reasons and due to regulations. Buckler said if the water pressure drops below 20 PSI the city is required to alert the public in the affected area.

Moberly Director of Public Works Tom Sanders said the city has been working hard to find the leak while trying to keep the water suitable for use throughout the city.

He said the city was forced to increase its water usage by 400 gallons to keep up water pressure while workers determined the location of the leak.

Sanders did not know what exactly caused the leak, but said some of the older cast iron pipes have been causing issues. Buckler said the pipes might have contributed to the problem, but the city has been working to update the pipes through various projects over the past few years.