Mobile Apps Encourage Healthy Work Outs

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COLUMBIA - These days there's an app for everything.  Doctors say mobile apps and video games are helping to encourage healthy workouts and fitness among children and adults.  MU Family Physician and Orthopaedic Doctor Aaron Gray said video gaming and mobile apps can change a person's behavior and attitude toward exercising.  

"Often I will encourage patients to use mobile apps or video games for their health. There are a lot of mobile apps that patients can use that can help them track their calories and help them lose weight," said Gray.

Some fitness applications include MyFitnessPal, Loseit!, Zomies Run! and Zamzee. Gray said, "Zamzee is this really cool device and a website that makes physical activity a game. So it's directed towards kids and it's a small little two-inch device that kids can wear or put in their pocket. It tracks the amount of activity or how active they are during school."

Gray said social networking and support groups can provide great help for patients trying to reach individual health goals.

Columbia resident Rachel Doren works out about five times a week and she said mobile apps encourage her workouts. 

"I'll use mobile apps when I'm running I'll listen to Pandora and a lot of the apps now they will make workouts that you can listen to and play music behind like the Nike Training Club app," said Doren.

A mobile app is a great way to cut down on personal-trainer appointments and to ensure an overall healthy workout.