Mobile Home Fire

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BOONE COUNTY - Firefighters responded to a trailer fire Thursday morning around 7 a.m. at Blue Acres Trailer Park.  Deputies said the fire came after a disturbance at the same residence.  Deputies said the suspect poured lighter fluid around the room and started a small fire inside the mobile home. 

Deputies said at the time of the fire, two adult women and three children were present, but no one was injured. 

According to Detective Tom O' Sullivan with the Boone County Sheriff's Department, the residents said the suspect woke up one of the sleeping residents asking for a phone number, around 4 a.m. 

O'Sullivan said when she refused to help him, the suspect became angry and lit the fire.  

The sheriff's department received several calls from the residents themselves, as well as from neighbors. 

The fire caused minor damage to furniture inside the home, and a vehicle parked outside the residence was vandalized. 

The man suspected of causing the fire, Nathan Dinwiddie, age 21, fled the scene on foot before deputies arrived. 

Deputies said the suspect is an acquaintance of the residents of the home, and was staying with them at the time of the incident. 

At this time, deputies have not located the suspect.