Mobile VA Clinic in Fulton

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FULTON - Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans’ Hospital in Columbia will take its "Mobile Vet Center" to Fulton Thursday.

The Mobile Vet Center has stopped in areas all over Missouri, including Moberly, Boonville and Jefferson City.

Outreach Specialist Mark Johnson, a veteran of the Marines and the Army, said the center goes beyond mid-Missouri too.

"We have 38 counties at the vet center. We go out in rural areas. Sometimes the veteran can't come to the hospital or to the vet center, and we actually bring the services to them," he said.

Lloyd Adams Jr., the Mobile Vet Center technician and retired Army soldier, said being a veteran helps him connect with other veterans that need the VA's help.

"I kind of know the process, so it helps me working with the veteran and getting them the right information," he said.

Adams Jr. said the hospital just got a new vehicle a month ago, which includes air conditioning, internet access, a bathroom and wheelchair accessibility. He said the vehicle can also be used as for emergencies or special events.

The mobile center has a service that enables veterans to video-call the Columbia hospital and speak to a counselor if they live too far away to commute there.

The Mobile Vet Center can also provide counseling for veterans and their family, education about the community and the Truman VA, as well as provide basic necessities like toiletries and food.

David Bradley, a retired Master Sergeant in the Army, stopped by the Vet Clinic when it was in Moberly on Wednesday to see if he qualified for enrollment.

"I think it's wonderful. I don't know how much advertising they did, but I'd love to see more veterans stop by," he said.

The Mobile Vet Center's next stop will be in Fort Leonard Wood on June 19.