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JEFFERSON CITY - This season, MoDOT is bringing in new technology to prepare for winter months and to save taxpayer dollars. One piece of equipment, called ground speed control, cuts back on excess salt by dumping salt at the same speed the truck is driving. This keeps the salt from bouncing off the roads, and doesn't disperse salt the road doesn't need.

Traditionally, drivers manually release the salt until they see it covering the road. MoDOT said this can cause up to a ten percent waste in salt. MoDOT has 239 salt trucks in the Central Missouri District. MoDOT says proper calibration and the new technology could save around $5800 every hour the trucks run.

MoDOT is also experimenting with new blades on its snow plows to clear roads better, creating less of a need for salt. MoDOT hopes the new rubber and ceramic blades will be more efficient than the traditional steel blades.