MoDOT allows public input to select new transportation

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JEFFERSON CITY- MoDOT has $20 million to spend on new state and local transportation projects. The Missouri Moves Cost Share Program will use this money to fund projects statewide, and it is looking for input from communities on what specific transportation needs they have.

Some possible projects include roads, bridges, bike and pedestrian accommodations, airports and railroads.

Community members can apply online for funds to go to a project in their area. 

The $20 million comes from general revenue allocated to MoDOT by the legislature for this program. Because the program is a cost share, MoDOT will expect any selected community to match the funding on the project by providing the money for at least 50 percent of it.

KOMU 8 News spoke with several people in and around Jefferson City to find what projects they want MoDOT to tackle in their area. 

Summer Green was passionate about sidewalks in low income neighborhoods. She said because people in these neighborhoods don't all have cars they use sidewalks more than most. She believes these neighborhoods have the worst sidewalks or no sidewalks at all.

Several others mentioned improving the plowing system when it snows in rural areas. They said they were sometimes unable to get to work in the winter because none of the streets were plowed in rural communities. One woman hoped to turn a few one way streets into two way streets, and a few others mentioned filling the potholes in their Jefferson City neighborhood.

Patrick McKenna, the Director of MoDot, said applications will primarily come from the city or county level but private entities can apply for projects as well. MoDOT expects to receive about $18 of requests for every $1 available in the program, so officials will have to determine which projects are most important to the communities. McKenna would like to give money to communities of all sizes across the state.

The funds are only available during fiscal year 2017.

If you want a portion of these MoDOT funds to be allocated to a project in your area, fill out an application by July 29th.