MoDOT Announces Open Date for New Interchange

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BOONE COUNTY -  MoDOT announced Friday the new interchange on Highway 63 will open Wednesday. Two new J-turns will be added to the highway, eliminating two of the crossover turns near Columbia. MoDOT is adding a new lane on each side of the highway, allowing drivers more time to accelerate and safely merge with oncoming traffic. MoDOT's resident engineer, Charles Sullivan, said these new turns will eliminate conflict zones in the medians.

"You can meet a lot of people in those medians, and this will eliminate a lot of that and those points where you can see people coming at you."

Sullivan said it will take time to get used to these new turns, and that it is important to be aware of drivers using these new lanes.

The J-turns are the first part of the Columbia Airport interchange project to be completed. The new overpass at Route H is done, but Sullivan said workers still need to add ramps and complete the new southbound lane. Both projects are part of MoDOT's effort to make Highway 63 more safe and efficient.


(Amanda Sohaney/KOMU)