MoDOT approves improvement to Bridges in Callaway County

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FULTON – The Missouri Department of Transportation hosted a public meeting Tuesday to provide information on planned improvements to bridges in Callaway County in 2017.

Twelve bridges are scheduled for improvement or replacement. They include:

            Route 54 eastbound over Richland Creek

            Route 54 westbound over Richland Creek

            Route 54 eastbound over the KCR Railroad

            Route 54 eastbound Stinson Creek

            Route 54 eastbound over Business Route 54

            Route 54 eastbound over Interstate 70

            Route 54 westbound over Interstate 70

            Route 54 westbound over Middle River

            Route 54 westbound over Hillers Creek

            Route H over Davis Creek

            Route O over Crows Fork Creek

            Route UU over Crows Fork Creek

“The key thing for MoDOT is to make sure we're communicating with the public and keeping them informed about what’s going on, so that they can plan ahead for their activities next summer and end of the fall,” Michael Dusenberg, the transportation project manager said. 

Dusenberg said there are no specific safety issues for the 12 bridges, most of the issues are condition issues. The project includes one full replacement, five deck replacements, and six rehabilitations.

According to MoDOT, the costs will vary on each project, but the total cost for all 12 bridges is approximately eight million dollars. 

"We've made a big investment on these bridges, and this is the opportunity for us to do some more to maintain that investment and get the value out of those structures," Dusenberg said. 

Dusenberg said the first bridge contract will take place in January and all bridges are scheduled to be finished in 2017. The bridges needing deck replacement or total structure replacement will require full closure of the affected roadways during construction.