MoDOT Asks Pedestrians to Avoid Stadium Blvd.

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COLUMBIA - The Missouri Department of Transportation told KOMU 8 News Friday it would be best for pedestrians to avoid Stadium Boulevard construction from I-70 to Broadway for at least a week as crews work to make sidewalk repairs.

KOMU reached out to MoDOT and asked about the safety of the area after a car accidentally hit 66-year-old Anna Coulibaly Thursday evening when she was walking along the side of southbound Stadium Boulevard with groceries. As of 4 p.m. Thursday, Coulibaly was in the intensive care unit at University Hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

MoDOT Central District Engineer Patty Lemongelli said Thursday the sidewalk portion of the Stadium Boulevard project has been finished for awhile, but crews had to close the northbound and southbound sidewalks from I-70 to Broadway this week because of cracked panels.

"Whether it was due to additional construction activity or they just had some problems with the quality of work we did experience some cracked panels," Lemongelli said. "Of course that's not in the contract so we did ask the contractor to replace those."

Lemongelli said the project should take at least a week to complete, and pedestrians are asked to plan ahead.

"Just like we tell our vehicular traffic to obey the signals and the signs and be aware of the situation and avoid the situation if possible, we would have the same message for our pedestrians," Lemongelli said. "And mostly since it can get a little complicated and restricted in some of those areas the pedestrians probably need to try and seek an alternate route."

Lemongelli also addressed the lack of pedestrian signals on the stoplights at Worley Street, Ash Street, Broadway and Bernadette Drive. She said pedestrian signals are part of the Stadium Boulevard project and will be installed as crews get closer to completion.

Lemongelli said the Stadium Boulevard project was originally scheduled to be completed in December, but it could be done as early as August.