MoDOT begins "enhanced pothole repair" initiative Tuesday

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COLUMBIA - As Spring makes its way into mid-Missouri, drivers can expect less bumps in the road. 

MoDOT crews around Missouri will work throughout March to repair potholes "as quickly as possible of it being reported."

MoDOT State Maintenance Engineer Becky Allmeroth said in a news release that crews will be diligent in the repairs.

"We want to get asphalt in the hole as quickly as possible," she said. "If you report it in the morning, our goal is to repair it before you drive the same road the next business day."

Boone County Maintenance Supervisor Rich Skelton said the warmer weather let crews get out a little earlier this year.

"We can get out and start getting a lot of the major areas taken care of in town, such as Providence and Stadium, trying to get ahead of those and get those holes fixed," he said.

Skelton said crews are using a more durable asphalt mixture this year.

"They'll use the 'hot mix' and what we call a 'cold mix,'" he said. "It can get down into temperatures like 32 degrees and it still stays pliable." 

He said the mild winter in mid-Missouri was less harsh on the roads.

"The warmer weather makes for less {potholes}, but it's the rain and the moisture that actually creates more potholes due to the pavement and things like that expanding and contracting," Skelter said. "That creates a pothole." 

MoDOT budgets approximately $15 million on pothole patching with a majority of it spent in March.

Columbia resident Stan Kendall said that's too much money to be spending on potholes.

"It seems a little expensive for pothole repair," Kendall said. "$15 million? Potholes? That's an awful small category for that much money."

Crews will work from about 7:30 a.m. until 3 p.m. during the week throughout March.