MoDOT Begins Road Work Projects in Mid-Missouri

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Central Missouri District of MoDOT began a two-week period of highway maintenance and construction work Monday. The 43 different road work projects will take place in 17 mid-Missouri counties including Boone, Callaway, Camden, Cole, Cooper, Crawford, Dent, Gasconade, Howard, Laclede, Maries, Miller, Morgan, Osage, Phelps, Pulaski and Washington.

Here's a list of road work projects:

  • Boone: Routes 124, NN, 63, 163, K, VV, H, AB, M, A, Y, J
  • Boone/Callaway: Interstate 70
  • Callaway: Routes D, K, PP, 94, Y, Interstate 70
  • Camden: Routes 5,54,5,C
  • Cole: Routes 54, 179, 50, 63, D, Z
  • Cooper: Routes OO, 135, N, M, DD, Z, K, BB, 98, J
  • Crawford: Routes 19, JJ, 66, N, O, WW, UL, J, M
  • Dent: Routes 119, NN, 32, H, 68
  • Howard: Routes A
  • Gasconade: Routes C, Y, B, V, P, W, A, Z
  • Laclede: Routes CC, 5, 17, N, Z, 32, J, 64A, 32, Interstate 44
  • Maries: Routes 52, 133, H, C, V, A, 42, P
  • Miller: Routes 17, 52, W, 42, MM
  • Morgan: Routes 135, D, W
  • Osage: Routes 63, 89, 133, K, HH, T
  • Phelps: Routes 63, B, JJ, 8, DD, E, B, Interstate 44
  • Phelps/Dent: Route H
  • Pulaski: Routes DD, F, U, 17
  • Washington: Routes C, 32, E, F, M, H, DD

MoDOT plans to continue repairing 14 different bridges as a part of the Safe & Sound Bridge Improvement Program. The program seeks to improve 802 bridges throughout the state.

In a press release, MoDOT urged drivers to move safely through work areas during this time.

MoDOT expects the majority of road work projects to be completed by the end of this year.

For more information about a particular project, visit MoDOT's Central Missouri District Website.