MoDOT Calls for Designated Drivers for Big Sports Weekend

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COLUMBIA - Whether you are watching the MU KU basketball game on Saturday or the Super Bowl Sunday, MoDOT urged fans Thursday to have a pre-game plan for a sober ride home.

With a weekend packed with sports, there will likely be a lot of parties and a lot of people drinking.  According to MoDOT, there were 213 crashes in Missouri on Super Bowl Sunday last year. Three people were killed and 62 were injured.

In an effort to promote safety, MoDOT has listed some party hosting tips that will keep your viewing parties under control.

MoDOT said to make sure to designate sober drivers before kick-off.  The agency's new smart phone application "Show Me My Buzz" can help determine who is able to be a designated driver. MoDOT created the application last August and it's free to download in the Apple App Store and the Android Market.

The app calculates how many drinks consumed, weight, gender, duration of consumption and tells the user if it is safe to drive.  The app can utilize the smart phone's GPS and provide users with the phone number of a local cab company when a ride is needed.

While "Show Me My Buzz" is intended to make users aware of their intoxication, it does not give a completely accurate blood alcohol content reading.