MoDOT Changes Columbia Intersection

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COLUMBIA - A number of Columbia drivers complained Monday that lane changes at College Avenue and Paris Road have created a headache. Samantha Hudson of Columbia said the changes are difficult for her when she is trying to leave the gas station at that corner. She said the traffic backs up on Paris because drivers do not have as many options for places to turn.

Matthew Myers of the Missouri Department of Transportation said the changes were made to keep the intersection traffic delays down on College. The evening commute creates the most traffic on College and the new intersection changes were created to relieve that traffic. The side street of Paris now allows for through traffic to flow at the same time. Myers believes freeing up the extra turn lane will help cars get through Paris quicker, allowing more time for the College light to stay green.  

MoDOT has been studying traffic patterns for the intersection. Myers said the intersection is old and MoDOT wants to keep the lights and traffic as up to date as possible. Along with the turn lane changes, MoDOT will update the pedestrian walk times, and red and yellow light regulations. It hopes to have the project completed within the month.