MoDOT Closes Roadways for Flooding

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BOONE COUNTY - Severe weather and torrential rain overnight closed roads around mid-Missouri Thursday, including in Boone County. MoDOT said it is monitoring the roadways and has already closed those prone to flooding.

Route E off of Stadium Road in Boone County closed at 7:20 a.m. Thursday. MoDOT crews were out blocking the roadway from both directions. Crews had already closed Route HH in Boone County. They also closed Route Z in Boone County around 8:30 a.m. MoDOT provides flood closures information on the MoDOT Traveler Information Map.

MoDOT Maintaince Superintendent said, "The problem is not necessarily always the depth of the water. Sometimes it is the speed of the water coming across and sometimes it is the fact that water is very powerful when it runs across a highway and anything could happen, the roadway could wash out. It could wash a void under it and collapse when a vehicle gets on it."

MoDOT lists these safety precautions to take when flooding is in the area:

  • Be aware of barriers. Do not drive around them into water. Find a detour.
  • Do not walk or wade out in moving water. Six inches of moving water can cause a fall.
  • Do not drive into flooded areas. Vehicles can be quickly swept away. Six inches can reach the bottom of most passenger cars. This will cause a loss of control and the car could stall. 
  • A foot of water will float many vehicles. Two feet of rushing water can carry away most vehicles, including sport utility vehicles, 4-wheel drive vehicles and pick-ups.

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