MODOT Construction on Hwy. 63

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COLUMBIA - MoDOT set November 1 as the end date for construction on Highway 63 Wednesday.  Resident Engineer Chuck Sullivan said MoDOT hired Hannibal based, Chester Bross Construction to build new J-turns, two new southbound lanes and an overpass to lead to the airport.

Sullivan said the J-turns and shoulder work should be done within two weeks and all construction along this stretch of the highway will be completed by that November deadline. 

Crews have finished the new southbound lanes, but Sullivan said workers still need to connect the new and old lanes to the airport overpass.  This will be a three to four day process and Sullivan said only one southbound lane will be open each day while the crews are working.  Sullivan said he doesn't know which days those will be yet because he still has to schedule the work with Chester Bross Construction.

He reminds drivers to be patient during the last phase of the project. 

"We know only one lane open will be difficult, but just pay attention to the driver ahead of you and be careful," Sullivan said.