MoDOT Decrease in Funding

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JEFFERSON CITY - As Fiscal Year 2011 reached the three-quarter way point Thursday, MoDOT officials said the agency will finish the year having spent about half as much as it did in the 2010 fiscal year. Total funds for this year will wind up around $600 million.

The drop in funds means some future project improvements may be put on hold and the smaller budget may only allow for maintenance instead of new construction.

In the next five years, MoDOT projects the length of time it takes to replace road signs and the length of time it takes to stripe roadways may increase.

"You will see less mowing, you've already seen some of it with our snow removal policy," MoDOT District 5 Planning and Zoning Manager Mike Dusenberg said. Dusenberg said although new construction may not be possible, MoDOT expects projects planned to be completed this year to still be completed.

"It's not that we're not going to continue to do a good job with it, or not continue to do a good job; you won't necessarily see a great job," Dusenberg said.

To compensate for the lack of funding, MoDOT plans to lay off 400 people statewide.  Dusenberg said MoDOT has already made most of the cuts.  

The state is also considering asking for a gas tax increase to help with the decrease in funding.