MoDOT Encourages Carpooling

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COLUMBIA - With gas prices on the rise MoDOT encourages drivers to save money by carpooling. Despite getting state tax dollars from each gallon of gas purchased, MoDOT doesn't think the influx of carpoolers will hurt its budget.

MoDOT's Sally Oxenhandler says there are more issues with the transportation funding to worry about. She says MoDOT now gets half as much money from the federal government as it got in previous years.

"Our funding problems are really much bigger than just people carpooling and using our commuter lots," Oxenhandler adds.

The number of carpoolers parked in a commuter lot in Columbia goes up with the price of fuel. Sean Beahan, a carpooler who has been parking in the lot off of Hwy 63's Grindstone exit for the past three years says every time prices at the pump rise, the lot becomes more crowded with cars left behind.

"This morning it was twice as full as it normally is from carpoolers," Beahan says.