MODOT funding safety inspections

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JEFFERSON CITY - MoDOT is seeking proposals for projects that could include safety inspections of school zones, intersections, parking and other traffic issues.

MoDOT officials say such inspections are important to identify problems and help save lives.

"I think anytime you do traffic studies, it typically results in increased safety," said MoDOT Design Engineer Melissa Wilbers.

She said MoDOT receives about 20 proposals and then must narrow down which ones they'll fund, based on which projects it believes needs the most attention.

Wilbers said eight to nine projects could get up to $10,000.

The projects will be funded by the Traffic Engineering Assistance Program, a federal program that funds local projects.

The selected safety inspections will begin early in 2015 and conclude by fall 2015. Wilbers says the sooner the inspections are done, the sooner MoDOT can address the safety concerns found.

The proposals are due November 15th.