MoDOT Gears Up for Snow

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COLUMBIA - Employees of the Missouri Department of Transportation are ready to keep the roads clear should ice and snow hit mid-Missouri Thursday.

If it snows Thursday it will be the first snow of the year. Click here for the latest forecasted snow amounts.

MoDOT crews have been checking all of their equipment and reviewing routes and snow removal plans for the past few weeks to make sure they're ready for the first snow.

MoDOT crews are anticipating heading out around midday on Thursday to start salting the roads. Boone County has 29 plow trucks ready to go.

In Boone County alone, those 29 plow trucks are responsible for clearing around 500 miles of road.

While Thursday's snow might not be very significant MoDOT says drivers still need to be cautious.

"Since it is the first snow of the season just remember that a small amount of precipitation or snow on the roadway when those temperatures begin to fall it can make roads slick," said maintenance supervisor Mike Belt.

Belt said places drivers should watch out for are bridges or any areas that might be shaded by trees where the sun hasn't been able to bring pavement temperatures up.

MoDOT snow plows run 24 hours a day with crews working 12 hour shifts.

MoDOT also reminds drivers to allow more time for travel any time it snows and increase your following distance with cars in front of you.

If you have any questions about travel times and road conditions you can call MoDOT at 888-ASK-MODOT or visit their website.