MoDOT Gives Advice on How to get Through Snowstorm

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COLUMBIA - Although Missourians are advised not to drive tomorrow, The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) is providing some guidelines for those who do decide to get on the road.

"I would recommend slowing down", said Assistant Supervisor from MoDOT, Roy Kimpker, to KOMU-8 News.

"Make sure not to talk on the phone. Concentrate on the road. And have a good stopping distance to other cars. There could be an incident quick so be prepared for that", Kimpker said.

He said MoDOT is expecting a similar traffic situation to last week's snowstorm, where many cars were stuck in ditches causing congestion on the roads.

"Try to get your vehicle off the road if you get stuck, so you are not obstructing passing lanes. And get a towtruck out there to have it removed", Kimkper said.

Monday night, workers from MoDOT will monitor the roads and salt them. As the snow starts to fall, 250 plows are set to clear roads and bridges in Mid-Missouri.