MoDOT Goes Green with Its Grass Cutting

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COLUMBIA - MoDOT says it's going green by changing the way it cuts the grass this year. The Missouri Department of Transportation cut its fleet by 10 tractors. It hopes this will help the environment while saving $1.3 million dollars.

MoDOT says it will also save money by adjusting mowing frequencies and times. MoDOT will mow only those essential areas and reduce the number of trips it takes to mow sections of the interstate and roads. MoDOT employees are working four, 10-hour shifts to get the mowing done more efficiently without paying overtime.

"We are looking at saving money by going green," Dwane Vandelicht, superintendent of Boone County, said. "If we can do it efficiently a different way we will focus on that too, and make adjustments."

Vandelicht says the mowing is important because it allows small cars to see in locations where taller grass can block their view in addition to making the roads look better.

"Its nice to see a nice mowed median," said Vandelicht. "It looks good for the state I believe, but it is such an important thing as far as safety goes."

MoDOT says it will work to have the roads looking their best during peak traveling holidays like Memorial, Independence, and Labor Day.

"When everybody is out and about, when they are traveling from place to place whether it be in state or out of state that we still make our state look nice," Vandelicht said. "We are not going to drop our service down, we are going to provide the same service as before."