MoDOT Grant

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FULTON - The Callaway County Sheriff’s Office is requesting a more than $9,000 grant from the Missouri Department of Transportation.

Callaway County would use the money to purchase six more breathalyzers for its deputies, bringing the total to 16.

“It’s just a quick way for us to be able to determine someone’s blood alcohol content,” said Lt. Curtis Hall of Callaway County.

So far this year, there have been 5 DWI’s reported in Callaway County. Last year, there were 41 alcohol-related DWI’s total.

The breathalyzers are used for more than just alcohol levels.

“If someone’s under the influence of marijuana or a controlled substance and they’re driving, we can determine if it’s solely narcotic or if alcohol is involved,” Hall said.

Residents think it's a good idea.

Callaway County resident Adam Beamer, “You don’t see them all having them in their cars and that’s an issue.”

MoDOT has a mission of zeros deaths related to DWIs. Hall said the grant is a way for the department to continuously reach that goal.

Beamer said, "With me getting ready to have a baby here pretty soon, I think it’s best to have those in their cars that way they can keep the streets safe and everyone driving safely." 

The office will have a meeting with MoDOT in a month to find out if they received the grant or not.

Callaway County has gotten grants for the past ten years. The requests range from $7,000 to $17,000.