MoDOT Holds Winter Operations Drill

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COLUMBIA - MoDOT's Central District employees spent Wednesday sending out trucks with snowplows and spreaders on all its routes to simulate what would occur in an actual snowfall event. Columbia's MoDOT Maintenance Department said it expects more snow this year compared to last year.

The maintenance department's assistant supervisor Roy Kempker said MoDOT also had to train more new employees this year.

"This year, to be on the precautionary side, we've got them coming in in this type of weather and dry conditions before the snow events."

Kempker said safety comes first, and preparation is the best way to make sure accidents don't happen when snowfall actually comes.

"We've got to get all our equipment ready before it snows so when we do have a snow event we'll be prepared."

The drills ran from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday across MoDOT's Central District.