MoDOT Interchange Project

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JEFFERSON CITY - There are plans for a new diamond interchange on Route 179 between Route C and Edgewood Drive in Jefferson City. The interchange would cost about $7 million. A $2.5 million access road to the future St. Mary's Health Center is also a part of the project.

MODOT held a forum Tuesday to hear feedback and comments from the public. Many representatives from St. Mary's were at the public forum to talk to people about the future health center.

Work on the interchange will begin in mid July and construction will last about one year. The construction will mean 90 days of detours on Route 179 between Edgewood Drive and Route C. The detour will take traffic around the location using U.S. 54 and U.S. 50. Not all drivers are happy about the detour.

"That seems like an awful far way to go around just to get however far that is. And with gas prices as high as they are, it's going to make people drive further than they need to," Bettie Paugh, Cole County resident, said.

"Getting the interchange done is very important to us to start bringing in our construction equipment and actually start to move ground on the new facility site," Cathy Abrams, St. Mary's COO, said.

The new facility will be less than half a mile east of Route 179. Once complete, the health center will bring about 150 new jobs to the area