MoDOT is confident it has enough salt for the winter season

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JEFFERSON CITY - Since the snowfall stopped Tuesday morning, MoDOT plows and trucks have been clearing off the last remaining snow-covered streets. Salting solution and future sunshine should help completely rid streets of snow in the next few days. 

MoDOT uses a priority level system to determine which roads salt trucks should address first. District maintenance engineer Jason Shafer says no road is unimportant but high traffic areas need to be dealt with first.

"We're going to where we can do the most good in the shortest amount of time to minimize the overall convenience of the public," Shafer said.

Before every snowfall, MoDOT crews come in to lay salt on the roads. However, if it rains before it snows, salt gets washed away and roads freeze over.

Even after two heavy snowfalls, Shafer says MoDOT trucks run fully loaded, carrying large amounts of salting solution. 

MoDOT went into the winter season with over 38,000 tons of salting solution. 

"We intentionally went into winter with more material on hand than what we used last winter so the budget reflects what we often feel in the next fiscal year," Shafer said.

Shafer mentioned MoDOT also rollovers unused material into the next year for future use.