MODOT is hiring in preparation for winter

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COLUMBIA - Fall is in full swing with Halloween just around the corner, but MoDOT already has its sights set on winter.

MoDOT is hosting job fairs across the state this week. The department is looking to hire drivers to help keep roads clear and safe this winter. MoDOT has nearly 3,500 employees every year that help with winter weather conditions.

"We've been in the process of training our new seasonal employees and full-time employees, as well as refresher training for our existing employees," said Linda Wilson Horn, MoDOT communications coordinator.

MoDOT will continue its training in early November with its winter operations drill. The drill allows new and experienced truck drivers to drive their routes and get used to the equipment.

"We have our statewide winter operations drill where our experienced employees, as well as new ones, will have a chance to practice driving their routes, practice hooking up the plows," Wilson Horn said. "Just kind of simulate the fact that there is a storm."

KOMU 8 News weathercaster Tim Schmidt said there is no snow in the forecast next week. MoDOT said drivers don't need to be worried when they see snow plows on the road.

"Just getting that opportunity to drive your route that you're going to be responsible for and not have the pressure or the weather conditions that you're fighting," Wilson Horn said. "You just get to go and drive it and be familiar with it."

MoDOT said drivers must be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma and have a certified drivers license.