MoDOT looks to make I-70 safer with Business Loop ramp closure

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COLUMBIA - If a few more details with the Federal Highway Administration are worked out, MoDOT plans to close the Business Loop access ramp on I-70 sometime this July. 

MoDOT area engineer Mike Schupp said safety is a big concern of the access ramp, and the main reason behind the closure. 

“The upside is it’s going to be safer," Schupp said. "The downside is people are going to have to change their routes and probably have to drive a little bit further, but it’s going to be a much safer condition.”

MoDOT asked for public comments on the ramp closure earlier in the week.

Schupp said they got more feedback than expected, split pretty evenly.

"It’s been 50/50 basically. Most people understand the reason we’re closing the ramp is just due to the unsafe condition that we have at that interchange," Schupp said. 

Michael Anderson, a manager at Riback on Business Loop 70, said the business could be negatively affected by the change.

He said they did send a comment to MoDOT on the matter.

"So we have a huge concern that by closing this access down it’s going to affect our clientele base and their ability to get through town in a timely manner," Anderson said. 

Schupp said access to I-70 is still available several other ways. 

“Once the ramp itself closes, you can access I-70 via the West Boulevard interchange, Providence Road interchange, Rangeline interchange or you can continue east on Business Loop to the Conley Road extension," Schupp said. 

He said this project has been in the works for several years, but MoDOT wants people to be aware the change is coming.