MoDOT Offers Smartphone App for Road Conditions

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JEFFERSON CITY - MoDOT officials said Friday Missouri drivers can now use their smartphones to get road conditions.

MoDOT has launched a smartphone application that will provide information on weather-related conditions, work zones, flooding, accidents, traffic cameras and radar images from the National Weather Service on Missouri roads.

MoDOT production manager Matt Hierney said hundreds of thousands of people visit the department's website every year to get more information on the road condition before they travel.

"We are hoping that this app would make it more convenient for people to get that kind of information," Hierney said.

The app contains all the same information as the online maps available on MODOT's website.

Hiebert said, "The app is like a crystal ball that lets you see what lies on the road ahead before you even leave your house."

Molly Sullivan, a smart phone user, said she likes the idea of this crystal ball.

"There is always accidents somewhere and you never know what is going on, so if there is an app to tell you, I think it is definitely handy," Sullivan said.

Sullivan also said this app would help travelers to plan their trips and avoid traffic jams, especially during holiday seasons.

The app is now available for download for iPhone and Android users.