MoDOT Opens New Hwy 63 Lanes

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BOONE COUNTY - Missouri Department of Transportation workers are set to open two new southbound lanes of traffic along U.S. 63 Wednesday morning, weather pending. MoDOT will reduce the southbound traffic to one lane at 8:30 a.m. The current lanes will be closed until Thursday morning.

There will also be j-turns opening near Route 163 and Turkey Creek. The median crossovers at Route 163 and Route AB will be permanently closed. These are the second set of J-turns to open along U.S. 63 South and eliminate the need for drivers to cross over two lanes of highway traffic.

Along with the j-turns, the new southbound lanes of traffic form the second part of the $9.8 million Route 63 and H interchange project, which will eventually connect to Grindstone Parkway. As new southbound lanes open, the old lanes will be converted to an outer roadway system that improves access to private property and businesses along U.S. 63.

MoDOT officials said the airport is one of the main areas impacted by the construction. Drivers to the airport are currently re-routed on the Highway H detour and will continue to be until the project is completed November 1.

No delays or closures are planned for northbound traffic along U.S. 63. MoDOT officials advise avoiding the southbound area Wednesday as the transition occurs and crews finish up.