MoDot Plans to Reroute Traffic to North Callaway High School

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CALLAWAY COUNTY- Local residents reacted to MoDot's decision to construct an outer road to North Callaway High School on Tuesday.

MoDot finalized the plan Monday and said it will help reduce traffic accidents on the highway.

The plan includes building an outer road between Old Highway 40 and County Road 148 and eliminating the Eastbound access road at U.S. Highway 54 and County Road 148. MoDot will also erect a stop light at the intersection of the outer road and Old Highway 40.

North Callaway High School student Triston Redmon said the plan would increase safety but may not be the best option. "I mean everybody's always rushing. They come close everyday," said Redmon.

MoDot is funding the plan but said it does not have an estimate on the cost or when the project will begin.