MoDOT Prepares for Another Winter Storm

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COLUMBIA - The Missouri Department of Transportation said Monday it will have all available resources on the road to prepare for the overnight winter storm.

MoDOT's Central District Area Engineer Mike Schupp said plows have been working non-stop since Thursday's snow storm to make sure all roadways, shoulders and bridges are clear before the second winter storm hits mid-Missouri.

MoDOT workers spent Monday preparing equipment and personnel to begin work when snow starts falling Monday night or early Tuesday morning.

"Right now, we're just making sure all of our equipment is up and ready," Schupp said. "We've shifted resources and salt materials throughout the weekend to make sure we're all ready for this storm."

Schupp said MoDOT has extra resources already lined up to help. Extra workers from contractors will also help with the roads.

On Monday, MoDOT issued a "no-travel" advisory for Monday and Tuesday until the storm ends. Schupp said mid-Missourians should avoid driving on roads as much as possible for safety reasons and to give plows room to work.

Schupp said the roads will likely not be safe for travel for the Tuesday morning work commute.

There will be about 250 MoDOT plows on the roads in mid-Missouri and Schupp said resources will move around as needed.