MoDOT Reminds of Safety First with Spring Rains

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COLUMBIA - Spring rains have flooded many rivers and streams in Missouri, sending water out of the banks and onto roadways.  The Missouri Department of Transportation reminds drivers to "Turn Around - Don't Drown" as highways become impassable.

According to MoDOT only a few inches of fast-moving water can carry a vehicle away, even a truck or SUV.  It advises motorists to never drive on a water-covered road. 

With even more rain in the forecast, challenging driving conditions are expected to continue.  MoDOT suggerts the following driving tips:

-Slow down and use cauting when driving in rain to avoid hydorplaning.  Leave plenty of following distance.

-Never drive around barricades placed on roadways due to high water.  Barricades are a warning design to protect drivers from unsafe conditions.

-If a road is closed, find an alternative route.

-If a road is covered in flood water but is not closed by a barricade, do NOT drive into the high water.  Stop and turn around.  Notify the police, sheriff or the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

-When windshield wipers are needed, turn on your headlights. 

Before starting a trip visit MODOT's Traveler Information Map to get updates on current road conditions.