MoDot repair

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COLUMBIA - The Missouri Department of Transportation will start repair on Route B.

One lane will be closed from Brown Station Road to Business Loop 70 on Route B.

The project will resurface pavement on the road and improve existing sidewalks.

“Essentially the pavement repair work that we’re doing is anytime you’re on a concrete roadway and you’ve got cracks and bumps, we’ll saw large chunks of the concrete out and take it out and we’ll essentially just pour the concrete back and smooth everything up again,” MoDot Resident Engineer, Aaron Peck, said.

The work will take place between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. beginning Monday night. 

The project is slated to finish in the middle of Fall. No exact date is set.

One lane will still be open and MoDOT will guide traffic through the lane.

MoDot said the project will benefit the community for a long time.

Peck said the purpose of the project is, “Pavement preservation, just smoothing things up again, just giving our pavement more life to continue serving into the future.”

Kirsten Munck is a MoDot assistant resident engineer and commutes on Route B five days a week.

"Most of the work is going to be completed in the overnight hours, so I wouldn't expect any delays for regular 9 to 5 commuters going back and forth to work," Munk said.