MoDOT responds to a blow-up

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BOONE COUNTY - MoDOT crews responded to what is referred to as a 'blow-up' in the Southbound lanes of Highway 63.

Mike Schupp is the area engineer of Howard, Boone, Cooper, Moniteau and Callaway Counties, and he says this is the first one of the year. 

"A lot of times we will see these earlier in the year like in July, but since it has been such a cool summer we really haven't seen them too much until now when we have had a prolonged 10 or 12 days of hot temperature," Schupp said. 

Crews responded to the first blow-up of the summer near Luebbering Oil Co. Inc. within one hour of getting a call about the road hazard.

Schupp said this one was not bad, but he has seen blow-ups in the past that can cause a flat tire or scrape the bottom of the car. 

"I've seen them blow out tires, I have also seen chunks of concrete where vehicles might drag, where low profile cars might drag across them," Schupp said. 

A blow-up is when temperatures cause asphalt or more commonly concrete to expand and eventually pop up in the middle of a roadway. Schupp says Highway 63 is a prime target for blow-ups because underneath the asphalt is a layer of concrete.

MoDOT crews will need to go back later in the fall to put a more permanent seal on the roadway, since the heat can cause a permanent seal to re-pop.

Schupp says the best way to avoid these blow-ups as a driver to is to focus on the road and not be distracted. Also if drivers see a place where a blow-up has happened, MoDOT has a hotline where you can call and report 1-888-ASK-MODOT (275-6636).