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JEFFERSON CITY- The Missouri Department of Transportation installed 1,377 signs as a statewide initiative to reduce run-off-the-road crashes.

The signs, or chevrons, are the yellow rectangular signs with black arrows that line curves in Boone and Callaway counties. The chevrons are posted in places that the advisory speed for the curve is lower than the posted speed limit by at least 15 mph and where the road averages 1,000 vehicles a day or more.

 “The reason we are doing this job is that whenever we look at our data statewide we see over 520 people have run off the road in curves and killed. In an effort to try and reduce fatality and serious injury accidents,” said MoDOT’s Central District Traffic Engineer Trent Brooks.

Brooks said the chevrons are spaced so motorist will see multiple chevrons when driving into and through a curve.

MoDOT said that in Boone County there are 81 curves on 14 routes, which received the new curve signs. Also fifty-nine curves on nine routes in Callaway County are now sporting the safety signs, and three of the curves are on Route 94 where it runs into Montgomery County.

“It’s hard to say where the next fatality is going to happen when it comes to a curve, but we do know that curves themselves experience a higher number of fatalities,” Brooks said. “We are trying to prevent that next crash from happening. We are out. We are being proactive by putting them on curves that may or may not have experienced crashes before they happen.”

Brooks said that the signs can only do so much and the main thing drivers can do is pay attention to the road, stay off your phone, and be aware of your surroundings.

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